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    1. In formulating with pearlescent pigments, it should be recognized that a loss of luster will occur if they are used in combination with opaque or light scattering pigments,such as TiO2,chromates and sulfides.
Inorganic or organic pigments which are transparent can be used with pearlecent pigments without any problems. Stable organic dyes are also useful in producing striking optical effects.

    2. It should be noted that mixing complementary interference pigments with each other does not result in increased color play,but leads to a vital reduction in color intensity.

    3. When the printing ink and the pigment in a low viscosity, the pearlescent pigment particle will deposit, please mill again before use.

    4. Pearlescent pigments should be well dispersed into vehicle by enough mixing.

    5. To prevent excessive fragmentation of the pigment platelets,high shear equipment, such as ball or pebble mills, should be avoided.

    6.Pearlescent pigments should be well oriented in the film by giving moderate flow and pressure. Some additvies can be applied to pearlescent pigments as well as metallics.

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